I watched with tears as your world crashed at your feet
The darkness up ahead was all you could see
You think all you can do is follow it down
I wish you'd see that there's a better way out

You don’t have to go on this journey
Through misery and shame
Beloved, don’t you know
That you’ve already been saved
This road to desolation
Is not the only path you can take
So choose life
And spare me the pain

You’re set on leaving now and finding yourself
Convinced you need to find who you really are
It kills to watch you wander, searching in vain
Just run to Him and he will tell you your name

He sets before you life and death
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been
And I don’t care how far you’ve gone
You have a say in who you are
And It don’t matter what they say
You don’t have to learn the hard way
You can choose right now, before the storm
To go your way and sin no more

Your road to restoration

Is just beyond your will to delay

So choose life

‘Cause He took the pain




War on my soul
This is a different kind of heart attack

How much more can I take
Before I buckle and break beneath the weight of the hate

I’ve been a fool I’ve let my armor sit collecting dust
High time I suited up, took up my cross, matched up my trust

I can see the Golden Days They slipped away into a haze

Memories fade like yesterday So long ago they fell away
Regimes have changed, division remains

It seems all life is rearranged
From this call I will not stray
And I will see more Golden Days

Loss of the past
Holding onto what I thought would last

What’s the cost of allowing
My nostalgic heart to keep me from a new start

This calling on my life is far to vital to omit

Kingdoms fall and life goes on
I won’t abandon this great commission

Those days are gone (I will carry on)

Chased past dreams for too long (I will carry on)

Still I will sing my song (Yes I will carry on)

Embrace this brand new dawn


We once stood where you are
Alone in the darkness collecting scars

There is still hope for you
Your future awaits, embrace a new day
Let go of the past, your night will not last

You’re rising again

We are the atoned, we once were convicted

Our shame is all gone, we have been forgiven
We are the atoned, we once were afflicted

Our sorrow is gone, we’ve been resurrected

We’ve lived life in your shoes
Taken for granted, used and abused

You’re worth more than you know
Your value’s not found

in the lies you were told

Don’t you see your destiny
Don’t consist of the lies that devour your mind
You’re not alone, so fall at His throne

Come find rest in your new home


Once again
I taste defeat but I know that I’m not dead

So I stand
To my feet cause I know it’s not the end

Now it’s time to fight back
These bruises are my plaques

Accomplishments of healing
But reminders of the faith I lacked
Now that the gloves are off

And you say that you’re tough

I’m waiting for the next round

Why not give me what you got

Now it’s your move

Bring it on, bring it into view
Take it out of hiding, I’m not afraid of you

Bring me down, give it all you got
I wanna see you try and bring this spirit to a stop
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop

I see your hand
Beneath the table sneaking all that you have planned
But I know
No matter what you have, He’ll keep power on the throne
Now it’s time to fight back
These bruises are my plaques

Accomplishments of healing
But this time there is no faith I lack
Now that the gloves are off
And you say that you’re tough

He’s here with me this next round

Why not give him what you got

Now it’s your move
So go ahead, meet your doom

He reigns above the heavens and breathes His Spirit into me
His power fully demonstrated

through this child of the King

You have no hold against my freedom,

go ahead and bring the rain

Whatever trials you bring forth

will feed my ever growing strength



Surrounded on all sides
Step back they’re attacking the front lines

Stand up, it’s our time
Don’t give up shoot up another prayer

Don’t you remember?
We said we’d fight forever

March on together
Utilize the Spirit deep inside

We have the power to demolish your stronghold
Your lies won’t hold us back anymore

Get ready, oh get ready
It’s time to bring down the beatdown

Get ready, oh get ready
We are not standing down
Under one name we rage

Together we take this stage
The end of their reign begins now

Get ready, get ready

Hey you, can you hear me?

You belong to the Everlasting

You are an heir to the King

This is your identity

Prepare for combat
We’ll fight and we won’t fall back

There’s no defeating the wolf pack

Rise to victory

Our demons fall and they bow down

They won’t defeat us on our ground

Take back the fight as we call out

The end of their reign begins now

Now, now,

It’s time to bring down the beatdown

I raise my head to see

where I once stood up to fight
Heart tired and weary-eyed

I step into the light
This road’s not always easy,

most times I can’t see clearly
But I’ll always trust your goodness
This love that’s pure and selfless

This is the love
That turns my mourning into praise

More than enough
To carry me through my darkest days
Giving peace in the confusion

Bringing hope when all is lost

Giving passion to a calling

And the fire to go on
This is the love

You’ve led my heart to see

every blessing that you bring
Even when the world’s against me
You’re affirmation’s all I need

All my life bring praise

His love has made a way

All my soul sing praise

His love has made a way.